Jeremy Sneller began his audiovisual career with a background in information technology. He recorded music on the side and was interested in combining his love for music and art, his desire to create, and his passion for technology. These factors prompted his decision to enter into a career in AV. Over the years, his knowledge of computers has become indispensable in the ever more computer-based audiovisual industry. He is also very involved in teaching others the skills they need to excel in the industry. As a Project Manager at PSAV, he taught courses three to five times a year, instructing incoming professions the techniques for producing quality events, and the hospitality skills needed to remain competitive. He trained incoming audiovisual professionals in the art of AV in a hospitality environment and the technology required to create flawless events. He is a systematic thinker with superhuman troubleshooting skills who can envision the “big picture” and integrate individual systems into a larger seamless product. As the lines between AV and IT are becoming blurred, he has helped to garner the foundations of his staff and inundate them with the knowledge that they will need moving forward into a new tomorrow, where technology is not only a part of meetings and events, but of our everyday lives. Reliable, detail-oriented professional who solves problems quickly and efficiently. Goal-oriented, disciplined, organized, self-motivated hard worker with an eager desire to learn. Technically-minded, analytical, and creative geek.

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