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Unlocking Event Potential: A Two-Decade Journey to Excellence

Jeremy Sneller

Welcome to the forefront of the events industry, where vision meets execution to create unforgettable experiences. With over 20 years of dedicated service in sales and marketing within this vibrant sector, I have honed my craft to not just meet, but exceed expectations, transforming ideas into tangible successes.

My Experience

A Legacy of Growth and Innovation

Throughout my journey, I’ve been privileged to lead and contribute to projects that have consistently achieved and surpassed goals, evidencing a remarkable trend of 35% revenue growth across the board. This achievement isn’t just a number; it’s a testament to the strategies, dedication, and passion that I bring to each project. My approach is deeply rooted in understanding the ever-evolving dynamics of the events industry, which has enabled me to not only navigate but also leverage changes to our advantage.

Fulfilling Visions, Creating Memories

My ultimate goal is to help my clients realize their vision of memorable events. By closely collaborating with each client, I delve deep into what makes their ideal event unique, then craft a tailored strategy that brings this vision to life. My extensive experience not only in sales and marketing but also in hands-on event execution ensures that I can anticipate needs, address challenges, and seize opportunities to elevate each event to its highest potential.

The Future of Events, Today

As we look towards the future, my commitment remains unwavering: to continue leading at the edge of innovation, fostering growth, and creating experiences that leave lasting impressions. Whether you’re looking to inspire, engage, or celebrate, together, we can turn your event aspirations into reality, crafting moments that resonate long after the last guest departs.

Welcome to a partnership where experience, growth, and technology converge to create excellence in events. Let’s make your next event not just an occasion, but a milestone.


Business Development Manager

Developing customer and venue relationships, increasing product quality, and promoting organic growth.



Area Director

Managed venue operations, ensuring that revenue and profitability goals were met, and promoted team development to ensure a great customer experience


Optimizing Businesses of Every Kind, Every Size. 


my Skills

At the core of my success lies a profound understanding of event technologies. From the latest in digital engagement platforms to cutting-edge logistical software, my expertise encompasses the broad spectrum of tools that are essential for creating impactful and efficient events. This technological adeptness allows me to seamlessly integrate innovative solutions, enhancing every aspect of the event experience for clients and attendees alike.

  • Technical Expertise
  • Business Development
  • Creativity and Design


  • Modern and traditional blend.
  • Analyze Innovative strategies.
  • Lean into what works.
  • Service product champion.
  • Be known.

Business Development

  • Data tracking systems.
  • Be prepared to change directions.
  • Understand what you do.
  • Know your product.
  • Care about what you do.
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